Monday, February 18, 2013

Stephen Anderson Concept Design Portfolio

Miscellaneous Personal Designs
These concepts are non-related with any other project and are meant as exercises in design and concept.

Character design for a personal adaptation of Peter and the wolf in 20s gangster-film style.
Wolf's gun
Peter's watch
Abandoned/semi-constructed subway station - sight of Peter and T. Wolf's gun battle.

My self portrait as featured in New York Times Magazine (via here)
Personal LEGO man design and my 3D model transition.

Granny Sòng - Concept sculpt (ZBrush)

Gorou - Concept Sculpt (ZBrush)

Designs for Team Projects

Owned (2014)
I was assigned to create iterations of the film's main character, Jeff.  I did this through following a character bio to create a design that described his personality.

Jeff's living quarters: he's a champion gamer, so he sees little need for anything else.

CHASM (2013)
I was a team lead for design on Chasm.  I was responsible for a team of 8 artists in designing elements of the machine and spare parts.  My responsibilities included teaching skills in the use of Photoshop as well as drawing demonstrations.

Conceptual model of steam-punk style lever using Maya 2013.
Sketches of random mechanical pieces and lights.